Kit Kat Still Can’t Trademark the Shape of Its Bars

As distinctive as the sharable “four-finger” shape of a Kit Kat candy bar may be, the UK—the birthplace of the product—has ruled that this shape cannot be trademarked, a result that’s left Nestlé once again thinking, “Gimme a break.” (Sorry, not sorry) [Read more…]

Golden ticket: Kit Kat Limited Edition in Japan

For chocolate lovers with cash to burn and dreams of Willy Wonka, a gold-coated Kit Kat bar will hit stores in Japan late November, but at an eye-watering 2,016 yen (US$16) a finger it will only be available for the lucky few. [Read more…]

There Are More Than 200 Different Flavors Of Kit Kat In Japan. Here’s Why.

While Americans are just warming up to the idea of oddly flavored snacks like Key lime pie Oreos, chicken-and-waffles Lays potato chips and birthday-cake Pop Tarts, Japan has shown a total mastery of Kit Kats for years. The country has launched [Read more…]