Seven Knives for Seven Lives: an Ultimate Knife Guide

There’s nothing more essential than the knife: how to choose the best kitchen knives, plus a selection of favorites that can satisfy every style of homecook.

When it comes to chef’s equipment, there’s nothing more essential than the knife: a kitchen that comes with a slim, 20cm long triangular blade with a curved cutting edge and with a heel tall enough to chop any type of vegetable. From Japan to the U.S. each place has mastered its own craftsmanship standards but there’s no such thing as a “best knife” that fits everyone. [Read more…]

Unique Knives Set in Maplewood

If you’re looking for an interesting design for your next set of knives then look no further than this range of Maple Set Knives from Warehouse. [Read more…]

5 Awesome Knives For Chefs Who Have Everything

When it comes to awesome Christmas foodie gifts, do you know what you’ll get for the professional cooks and chefs in your life? Perhaps they’d enjoy receiving a thoughtful present such as the cutting-edge knives featured below. Each knife is designed with a specific task in mind, making it easier to tackle tasks like shucking oysters and cutting chocolate. [Read more…]

Biodegradable Utensils Inspired By Vegetables

Disposable tableware can be such a hassle. The plastic never seems elegant enough then, of course, there’s the environmental concern behind them. With the new tableware from Chinese designer Qiyun Deng you’ll never have to worry about style or damaging the environment. [Read more…]