Le Guérandais Guérande Salt: Nutritional contribution

More than simple sodium chloride, Le Guérandais Guérande Salt contains all the natural riches of the sea. From ocean to “œillet”, the sea water becomes more highly concentrated with salt through the action of the sun and wind, until the salt crystals are obtained naturally. [Read more…]

Chefs’ recipes: Cream of lamb’ s lettuce soup

Serve this dish as an appetiser, just before your starter, accompanied with small garlic croutons or, for a more refined approach, toast some pepper grains for 4 minutes in a hot oven (180°C), crush them and sprinkle over at the last minute. [Read more…]

Sel de Guerande – NOW available in Croatia!

The origins of Guérande go right back in history. It has been harvested on the peninsula since the Iron Age. Even today, there are still 5 salt works from the Carolingian era still in operation on the marshes. [Read more…]