Decoding Tough and Tender Cuts

Understanding the basic anatomy of one mammal—a cow, a pig, a woolly mammoth, or a rabbit—will help you develop an instinctual sense for which cuts of meat to use in almost any situation. Most of us already have a general [Read more…]

Meat roll stuffed with truffles and asparagus

For 4 persons.

– 500g of mixed minced meat (beef, pork)

– Salsa tartufata 170g

– Boiled asparagi 100g

– 70g of Istrian prosciutto

– 2 eggs

– 150g of sopped and drained bread (sopped in milk)

– Parmesan

– Garlic

– Parsley

– Onion

– Salt

– Vegeta spice mix

– Olive oil [Read more…]

6 New Uses for Greek Yogurt

Bored with your usual Greek yogurt with granola and berries? We are too. We’ve used Greek yogurt as a marinade for tenderizing chicken and meat, in fruit parfaits, as a dressing for vegetables, and in frozen yogurt. [Read more…]

5 Stew Recipes To Help You Beat Cold Weather

Hearty, tasty and satisfying these stew recipes are a surefire way of warming up on a cold winter’s night. Whether you favor seafood, chicken or red meat, these stew recipes offer a little something for everyone. So get ready to combat freezing temperatures with a bowl of these comforting stews. [Read more…]

The Science of Bones in the Kitchen

Be brave enough to use bones in the kitchen, here a scientific approach to cooking with bones that will change your cuisine forever. [Read more…]

Break the Rules: Wine with Mexican Food

It seems unbelievable but it’s true: Mexico has a long history with wine. The oldest known winery in North/Central America is located in Coahuila, Mexico. It was established in 1597. Wine Renaissance in Mexico: Today there are many top Mexican restaurants that have large wine lists. So what are the best types of wine with Mexican food? Let’s find out. [Read more…]

National Flags Created From the Foods Each Country Is Commonly Associated With

Feeling hungry? You will be after looking through this creative collection of food photography by Australian advertising agency WHYBIN\TBWA. [Read more…]

The Sandwich Book You’ll Want To Devour

Remember those fun pop-up books from childhood? Polish graphic designer Pawel Piotrowski has taken that idea to a whole new level and created a pop-up book for sandwich lovers. [Read more…]

Mahi Mahi: Tis the Season

What to do with the finest fish as our culinary thoughts turn to spring. [Read more…]

Yacht Gourmet Croatia goes Tex-mex!

“Tex-Mex”  is a term describing a regional American cuisine that blends food products available in the United States and the culinary creations of Mexican-Americans influenced by Mexican cuisine. The cuisine has spread from border states such as Texas and those in the Southwestern United States to the rest of the country. Tex-Mex is most popular in the state of Texas. [Read more…]