12 Types Of Mozzarella To Know, Love and Melt

Here’s what you already know: You love mozzarella. But do you love all kinds of mozzarella? Can you tell ovoline from bocconcini? Bufala from burrata? [Read more…]

Buffalo Mozzarella Dop From A to Z: 26 Things to Know

Only produced in a specifc area, Buffalo Mozzarella Campana DOP is an authentic Italian excellence: here are 26 buffalo mozzarella dop facts to know. [Read more…]

Mozzarella A to Z: Things to Know

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Grilled Beets with Burrata and Poppy Seed Vinaigrette

Burrata is a type of fresh mozzarella with an oozy, creamy center (its name refers to this buttery filling). Let it come to room temperature before serving. [Read more…]

Summer Salad Recipes

Watermelon, glass noodles, mozzarella…what do these all have common? They make great ingredients for summer salads to take along on picnics, a beach outing or serve at a family barbecue. [Read more…]

Mozzarella di Bufala

Buffalo mozzarella (Italian: mozzarella di bufala) is a mozzarella cheese made from the milk of the domestic water buffalo rather than from cow’s milk. [Read more…]