The Rising Trend of Protein Desserts

Low-carb and high-protein baking is the next big fine dining thing: it’s the end of “sweet” as we know it, turned into a new gourmet food model. [Read more…]

Oysterland: A Journey to the Heart of Bivalve Country

Oysters have once again become the bivalve of the hour, the defining protein of the age, expressing everything we want life and food to be right now. Luxurious but unpretentious, decadent but healthful, oysters are the must-order—from the basis of le grand plateau de fruits de mer at a New York institution like Balthazar to seafood-centric newbies like The Ordinary in Charleston, South Carolina. [Read more…]

The Vegan Friendly Artificial Egg

Last week, an artificial egg product called Beyond Eggs went on sale at Whole Foods in northern California. The product is backed by Bill Gates and aims to revolutionize the world as a plant substitute for the real thing. With no chickens involved in the process, could artificial eggs be the future of food? [Read more…]