Roederer to make ‘Coteaux Champenois’ red wine from 2015 harvest

Louis Roederer’s chef de cave, Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, has told that he plans to make a still Pinot Noir from the 2015 harvest from a specially planted vineyard in Champagne. [Read more…]

How to Cook with Rosé Wine

There’s no denying it’s rosé season. And while the uber-versatile pink-hued wines are perfect foils for summer foods like tomatoes and grilled steak, they’re also delicious as a component in dishes like steamed mussels and light lamb stew. Here, 8 ways to cook with rosé. [Read more…]

According to the World’s Best Study, Red Wine Burns Fat

Here’s a reason not to feel so guilty when you pour yourself a second—OK, fine, third—glass of wine tonight. According to a new study, there’s a compound found in muscadine grapes (undoubtedly the most important of all the grapes because they’re the kind used to make wine) called ellagic acid. But its name doesn’t matter as much as what it does: That genius little chemical has recently been proven to boost the metabolism of fatty [Read more…]

Myth Busted: You Can Drink White Wine After Red

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, there is no real rule that says one cannot drink white wine after drinking red. Tradition can be a wonderful thing, except when that tradition comes out [Read more…]

Official Brazil 2014 World Cup wine revealed

Brazilian winery Lidio Carraro has beaten off competition from larger rivals to be the official wines supplier for the FIFA 2014 World Cup, to be held in Brazil.

The 5th generation-owned winery, based in the Serra Gaúcha, the highland region of southern Brazil, said that under the deal it will double production and significantly expand distribution. [Read more…]

SYRAH – Has Its Time Come?

Syrah has been a perennial dark horse in the US market for much of the last two decades. It’s a grape that always seems to be on the verge of greatness, even exploding on the scene in the late 1990s under the Shiraz moniker and with a thick Aussie accent, but as we all know, Aussie Shiraz is so very 1990, and Syrah struggles to find a following because consumers don’t know what to expect, or do they? [Read more…]