France Introduces “Homemade” Label At Restaurants

France is upping its restaurant game with a new labeling system for foods that are “homemade.” Beginning today, a new black and white logo in the shape of a casserole with a rooftop will appear on restaurant foods that are presumably made from scratch. [Read more…]

“Special Selection” de Bordeaux

These wines have been chosen because they represent good value for money and show the true identity of each appellation while remaining approachable and ready to drink. [Read more…]

The cream of Croatia’s coastal and island restaurants

Along Croatia’s Adriatic coast you will find the freshest and tastiest of ingredients, menus designed according to the season and recipes that have been passed down through generations. Traditional family restaurants serve up exquisite fresh meat and fish on the islands, while in the larger cities and coastal hotels fine dining has arrived, with some restaurants creating an intriguing fusion of tradition and modernity. [Read more…]


For Ayako Suwa, food is the one and only medium of her art: give her a word, a color or a brand, and she will come up with a palatable concept around their taste. [Read more…]

Eight Great Places to Eat in Normandy


The name is a meaningless play-on-words meant to mimic the French sound of sakana (“fish” in Japanese), and seafood is what this restaurant in the town of Honfleur is all about. [Read more…]