Cool It!

White and rosé wines are meant to be served chilled. How chilled? Like all things wine related, it boils down to preference. BUT, we suggest white and rosés from Bordeaux to be served at around 43 – 49 degrees or ‘just out of the fridge level’ cool. Why? For lighter bodied whites and rosés, [Read more…]

How to find the perfect rosé wines

ROSÉ WINES, sometimes known as blush wines, are often the ideal accompaniment for a summer barbecue. [Read more…]

Pink Day Zagreb

Festival će se održati u petak, 8.3. 2013. u Muzeju za umjetnost i obrt, a bit će u cijelosti posvećen vinu, ženama, ženskom zdravlju, kulturi (promocija knjige „Žene nikad ne stare“, I. Caputo, Planetopija), umjetnosti (izložba „Staklo, moje drugo tijelo“ G. Drinković) i ružičastim vinima i pjenušcima u suradnji s hrvatskim i inozemnim vinarima. [Read more…]

French rose with Hollywood label?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have partnered with renowned vintner to make wines on their $60-million French estate. And the couple is not just using their name to sell the rosé wine produced on their 1,200-acre French estate. [Read more…]

Secret de Léoube

A mixture of schist and clay characterize Château Léoube soils. [Read more…]