San Gurmano olive oil

Mih is an oil farm situated in Poreč, one of the most popular tourist resorts in Croatia, on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. It owns neither olive groves nor a transformation system, but it has been bottling the oil obtained from the best olive parcels purchased from local producers since 1995. [Read more…]

San Gurmano – The dream of Every Gourmet

San Gurmano is a multi-sort extra virgin olive oil. This vibrant oil is pressed from two indigenous olives grown only in Croatia: the Istrian Bijelica (bee-yell-ee-tsa) and Buža (boo-zha). These robust two are then mixed with their better-known and milder Italian colleagues Leccino and Pendolino for an incredibly well-balanced, spicy and slightly bitter flavor, with startling notes of almond, green apples and a signature peppery finish. [Read more…]