Water Bike Takes Cycling to the Sea

Take one avid Soul Cycler, combine with one large body of water, and mix well — that’s almost (okay, not at all) how this bike came about. [Read more…]

Bordeaux chateau ages wine in the sea

The barrel was sunk among the oyster parks of Cap Ferret, on the Atlantic coast, said the chateau, which is based in the Pessac Leognan region of Bordeaux. [Read more…]

Champagne Louis Roederer Cristal Rose 2002

An extraordinary year that brought together all the factors that make for a great Champagne year: constantly warm temperatures without excessive heat or sun preceded by a markedly mild winter; a reduction in rainfall (about 20%) during the growth cycle; cool nights and a cold dry north-easterly wind from August to September.  [Read more…]

Superyacht Lady Christine

All Feadships are instantly recognizable for their distinctive looks and unbeatable quality. Nonetheless, the exterior aesthetic of the newly launched 68.00m Lady Christine is dramatically different even by Feadship’s standards. Built by Royal Van Lent to a design by De Voogt Naval Architects, Lady Christine also features a remarkable debut superyacht interior from British designer Rodney Black. [Read more…]

Fish and sea food

Research over the past few decades has shown that the nutrients and minerals in seafood can make improvements in brain development and reproduction and has highlighted the role for seafood in the functionality of the human body. [Read more…]


Beluga Caviar is the most sought after Caviar due to its definitive buttery taste. It’s the most well rounded of all the Caviar and usually the most expensive. You can find several different variations when you Buy Beluga Caviar. It’s a dish that can stand alone or a dish that accompanies a variety of main courses. People Buy Beluga Caviar for various reason; usually for the the taste alone and not simply to impress the guests. [Read more…]

Olive Oil

Homer called it “liquid gold.” In ancient Greece, athletes ritually rubbed it all over their body. Its mystical glow illuminated history. Drops of it seeped into the bones of dead saints and martyrs through holes in their tombs. Olive oil has been more than mere food to the peoples of the Mediterranean: it has been medicinal, magical, an endless source of fascination and wonder and the fountain of great wealth and power. [Read more…]