Torres unveils plans for premium Cava

Major Spanish producer Torres will release a new range of wines – including a ‘niche, premium Cava’ – over the next five years, according to company CEO Miguel Torres Maczassek. [Read more…]

Wines of Valencia in Spain

Gary Vaynerchuk’s wine explorations bring him to the up and coming southeast Spanish region of Valencia, where they are churning out ever-improving wines in a range of styles, made from both native and indigenous grapes. [Read more…]

Godello – Spanish white wine grape

Gary Vaynerchuk has been fascinated with the surging popularity of the Spanish white wine grape, Godello. He tastes two from Galicia in the Northwest part of the country to see if they can live up to the hype. [Read more…]

Vinitaly – the world’s top exhibition in the wine sector

Vinitaly – the world’s top exhibition in the wine sector – is part of VeronaFiere’s portfolio. VeronaFiere ( achieved status as an international exhibition authority in 1977. It is the leading direct organiser of events in Italy and among the main players in Europe with an average of more than 30 shows per year, more than half of which organised directly. VeronaFiere also began operations abroad in 1998.A leader in agricultural and agro-foods sectors thanks to Vinitaly, Fieragricola, Eurocarne, Siab, Sol and Agrifood, VeronaFiere has equally developed – over its history since foundation in 1898 – many new areas of interest such as building, construction and transport industries, (Samoter, Marmomacc, Legno&Edilizia, Bus&Bus Business), furnishing (Abitare il Tempo, Vivi La Casa, Progetto Fuoco), sport, tourism and leisure (FieraCavalli and Model Expo Italy) and professional training (Job&Orienta).