Steep Your Way to Hot Tea Perfection by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Picture a bag of potato chips. At the very top are fully intact, unmarred, pristine chips. They’re satisfyingly crunchy, and you can’t stop eating. But once you get to the bottom of the bag, [Read more…]

Matcha – What is It and Will We All Be Drinking it in 2015?

Bon Appétit have hit us all with a nice, albeit a little bit biased, piece on Matcha – what they claim is about to become the next big thing in tea – something us and number of market research companies corroborate. [Read more…]

Rooibos Tea, the Treasure of South Africa

Although attempts have been made to cultivate the rooibos of red bush tea, it grows in only a single area in the world – the Cederberg region in South Africa. [Read more…]

The Breaking Bad Tea Brewer

If you’re lost with the end of Breaking Bad and need to get a quick fix of the TV show that’s had the world gripped to the edge of their seats then why not check out this Breaking Bad tea brewer created by Agustina Bottoni. [Read more…]

Fine De Cognac and Tea

Yann Fillioux, master blender for Maison Hennessy, tells us about the innovative alliance of Fine de Cognac with the world of tea. [Read more…]