Uniquely-Shaped Tri60 Trimaran to be “Perfect Balance” of Style, Speed and Space

Last week BMT Group and McConaghy Boats announced that the Tri60 will be headed to development, and we can’t wait to see this super cool 60-foot trimaran made into a reality. Meant to be the perfect balance between style, speed, and space, the Tri60 was short-listed for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015 in the Yacht Concept up to 40m category. It was designed to bring the comfort of a leisure vessel to a power [Read more…]

Shuttleworth Design debut new 70m and 32m futuristic trimarans

The new designs are released in conjunction with Shuttleworth Design’s new website, www.shuttleworthdesign.com, launching this week, which will profile the new Shuttleworth 70M and 32M trimarans along with an 80-metre also in development. [Read more…]