How to Convince Your Kids to Eat ‘Scary’ Foods

Some foods we adults love are completely intimidating to the younger set. Kids, picky or not, are the ultimate food snobs. Dishes that look weird, smell odd, or require special tools or preparation are just not going to pass their detailed inspection. [Read more…]

11 Ways to Use Okra

A polarizing vegetable because of its, er, slime potential, okra is one of the highlights of the late-summer market. For an okra experience that’s low on the slime scale, here’s the rule: The more parts of the vegetable you expose to dry heat, the less gooey it will be. Here are 11 dishes to [Read more…]

A Guide to Lesser-Known Melons, from Casaba to Charentais

Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew might be the easiest melons to find, but grab one of these lesser-known varieties from the farmers’ market and you’re in for a sweet surprise: [Read more…]

EXCLUSIVE | A Recipe by Yoshihiro Narisawa

Yoshihiro-san gives you a beautiful recipe for his fermentation dish from FOUR’s latest International Edition… [Read more…]

Learn How To Cut Vegetables Like A Pro

Have you always wanted to cut vegetables like a pro? We teamed up with Italy’s premier culinary school to capture the techniques chefs use. [Read more…]

Kikkoman Sukiyaki Stir-fry sauce

Woks are a great way to cook, fry, steam, braise and even deep-fry meat and vegetables with delicious results. And we have the perfect sauce for wok cooking, Sukiyaki stir-fry sauce. It adds a unique flavour twist to wok and pan-fried foods. [Read more…]

The Vegetable Revolution: The New Techniques That Chefs Are Using to Cook Vegetables

Hear that ruckus? It’s the sound of sweet carrots and baby lettuces storming the menus at some of the world’s best restaurants. Their co-conspirators? Big-deal chefs like Rene Redzepi and April Bloomfield, who are celebrating produce with a reverence formerly reserved for Wagyu beef. [Read more…]

Biodegradable Utensils Inspired By Vegetables

Disposable tableware can be such a hassle. The plastic never seems elegant enough then, of course, there’s the environmental concern behind them. With the new tableware from Chinese designer Qiyun Deng you’ll never have to worry about style or damaging the environment. [Read more…]

Playing with Fire

Put your palate on burn notice, the charevolution is here.

In the kitchen, you fear the burn. It’s the pitch-black mark of care- lessness, branding the cook’s pride with an “F” for fail. But today a new crop of chefs no longer avoid the burn, they invite it—skillfully scorching up meats, fruits, vegetables, cheeses and breads. [Read more…]

Raw vegetables with goat’s curd

This dish is basically just crudités, so you can serve any seasonal vegetable that you fancy. It could be offered as a snack with drinks, or as part of a mixed sharing starter on the table. [Read more…]