Plum, Cherry or Piccadilly? The World of Vine Tomatoes

Cherry tomato is just one of the Italian excellent varieties of vine tomatoes, smaller than the ‘classic’ ones and grown in clusters: here is a tasty guide. [Read more…]

15 Frustrating Things About Being a Wine Lover

You’re a wine lover (or even fancy yourself a wine snob) and your friends constantly poke fun at you. Perhaps they laugh when they see your travel case of hand blown Sommelier Series wine glasses. Or scoff at you when you send back a bottle of red wine because it’s too warm. [Read more…]

Heavy rains across Europe delay growth ‘by three weeks’

The heavy rains that have been falling across France and much of Europe for the past few weeks have halted vine growth in many regions, jeopardising flowering at a crucial time of the year.

In Burgundy, almost 400mm of rain has fallen since 27 April on the Cote d’Or – more than double the average. Growers say that the harvest is unlikely to begin before October, which will be three to four weeks late. [Read more…]