Domaine Nadine et Maurice Guerrin

Nestled high in the Vergisson hills, Maurice created the domaine in 1984 and today it stands at 35 parcels spread across 14 ha in Mâcon-Vergisson, St-Veran and Pouilly-Fuissé. [Read more…]

Vina bona solum bibite

Drink only good vines! – says a wise Latin saying, which is at the same time a slogan of the SOLUM vine-cellar, owned by a journalist and fashion editor of Gloria magazine, Anita Vučinić Naprta, and her husband, a writer and TV-playwright Robert Naprta. [Read more…]

4 varieties that (maybe) you don’t know about and you shouldn’t miss

The vine is one of the most adaptable of plants and has considerable survival instincts. It adapts to different types of climate and soil, and has resisted devastating pests such as phylloxera.

So… It is not surprising that there are hundreds of vines of the species “vitis vinifera” all over the world. Yes, undoubtedly there are a lot of them, but… Shall we play a game? [Read more…]

France’s national library of grape varieties under threat, say protesters

Plans in France to relocate a living library of 7,000 wine grape varieties, some dating back to 1876, have come under fire from protesters who fear some may not survive the journey. [Read more…]