New Champagne film offers 360 degree views of vineyards, cellars

A new Champagne film that allows mobile and tablet users to rotate their view by 360 degrees has been launched to promote the region’s vineyards and cellars following its UNESCO World Heritage status. [Read more…]

Wildfires Destroy 2 Australia Vineyards

Hot weather, gale-force winds and lightning strikes have ignited fires in South Australia, destroying more than 30 homes and two vineyards. More than 5,000 acres were blackened in Eden Valley in December, and up to half of the [Read more…]

Fruit, Leaf, Flower, or Root: Tasting Wine According to the Biodynamic Calendar

I recently tasted a lineup of wines, and they were all shut down—hardly any aromatics. I could feel the wines in my mouth, but could taste very little. Out of curiosity, I pulled out the trusty old iPhone and booted up a little app called Wine Tonight? The app told me that according to the biodynamic calendar, the day was a “root day,” and that wine drinking should be avoided. [Read more…]

Domaine Nadine et Maurice Guerrin

Nestled high in the Vergisson hills, Maurice created the domaine in 1984 and today it stands at 35 parcels spread across 14 ha in Mâcon-Vergisson, St-Veran and Pouilly-Fuissé. [Read more…]

Domaine Petitot

The village of Corgoloin is just to the south of Nuits-St-Georges and the beautiful buildings that make up the Domaine Petitot have been in the family for eight generations. [Read more…]

Cabernet Sauvignon tops global grape variety league – study

Cabernet Sauvignon has replaced Spain’s Airen as the world’s most popular grape variety, shows a new study, but researchers warned of shrinking diversity in vineyards. [Read more…]

West Coast Wineries Are Up for Sale – Quietly

With buyers snapping up leading California wineries Qupé, Araujo, Clos Pegase and Mayacamas in recent months, and other players investing in Oregon and Washington, it may seem like the market for wineries is suddenly hot again on the West Coast. But it’s an under-the-radar market. Plenty of wineries, faced with tough finances or generational change, are looking for buyers. But they’re not advertising the fact. [Read more…]

Burgundy faces supply squeeze after hail-damaged 2013 harvest

Burgundy wine prices may have to rise due to violent hailstorms hitting the region’s vineyards for a second year running, and leaving producers seeking government aid. [Read more…]

Bordeaux Illustrated

For two years ending in August 2012, Scottish artist Jonathan Warrender traveled around Bordeaux with a mission to illustrate the region’s most famed Châteaux. [Read more…]

Duval-Leroy champagne x Baccarat

The prestigious French crystal maker has designed a holiday gift set featuring the Duval-Leroy Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Sommeliers champagne, a new cuvée launched last April. [Read more…]