How To Cook Sous Vide With Only A Ziplock Bag And Boiling Water

Sous vide cooking has always been something best left to the pros, or to the most intrepid of home cooks. But the practice of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags [Read more…]

Sake-Steamed Clams


2 pounds Manila clams or cockles, scrubbed

1 cup sake

1 cup water

2 teaspoons unsalted butter, cut into 4 pieces

2 scallions, white and light green parts only, thinly sliced

Pinch of togarashi spice blend, optional (see Note) [Read more…]

Dammann Freres “Pêchers en fleurs”

The delicacy and the lightness of peach blossoms are here combined with whole leaves of Pai Mu Tan white tea. [Read more…]

10 New Flavored Vodkas to Try

Just two years ago, it seemed like the flood of flavored vodkas would never end. Every week another new flavor hit the shelves, often eye-catching variations like smoked salmon or pickle (yes, both are actual vodka flavors). [Read more…]

‘Drinkable Book’ Lets You Filter Water

Here’s a literary work that will revolutionize water as you know it: with the Drinkable Book. Developed by scientists and engineers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Virginia, this drinkable book has a dual purpose: informing readers of proper sanitation and hygiene while also serving as a water filter. [Read more…]

Powdered Alcohol is Coming Your Way: Just Add Water

Yeah, yeah, we know what you’re thinking: This can’t possibly be real, right?

Wrong. [Read more…]

Passionfruit-mint sorbetto

The intense flavours of this sorbetto are pure and clean, and really need little in the way of accompaniment – a drizzle of extra passionfruit pulp is delicious but entirely optional. [Read more…]

Miracle Machine Turns Water into Wine

Turning water into wine, arguably one of the most impressive miracles ever performed, arguably something that was never actually perfumed, and now, something that two friends believe they can do in just three days. [Read more…]

Cooking With Water: Identità d’Acqua 2014

Light and pure, water is one of the most important ingredients in cooking: during this edition of Identità Golose culinary congress a whole set of lessons and cooking shows dedicated to water and called Identità d’Acqua debuted on stage. [Read more…]

Smashing Pumpkin

Base Spirit: Rum

Type: Modern Classics

Served: On the Rocks

Strength: Medium

Difficulty: Complicated

Flavor Profile: Bubbly, Fruity/Citrus-forward, Salty/Savory, Sweet [Read more…]