Drones Could Be the Future of Winemaking

Drones may be the bane of the FAA—and for parents, birthday gift lists—but in the wine world, the ever-more prevalent technology may be able to play a key role in increasing the yield and quality of grapes. [Read more…]

Taking the Water Out of Winemaking

A biotech innovator develops a new way to lower costs for small wineries and reduce water usage across the industry

A biochemical engineer by training, Vijay Singh spent decades working with pharmaceutical industry bioreactors in New Jersey. [Read more…]

French rose with Hollywood label?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have partnered with renowned vintner to make wines on their $60-million French estate. And the couple is not just using their name to sell the rosé wine produced on their 1,200-acre French estate. [Read more…]