Is This the Most Expensive Ice Cream in the World?

Dubai is known as one of the world’s most luxurious destinations and now the city has one more delicacy one the menu: the Black Diamond sundae, which could be the world’s most expensive ice cream. [Read more…]

Are These the Most Expensive Grapes in the World?

How much money would you shell out for an exquisite bunch of grapes? [Read more…]

A look at some of the best female chefs in the world

PARIS, March 25 — The next woman to be named the world’s best female chef will join an elite sorority of colleagues who have carved a name and reputation for themselves in a distinctly man’s world.
Today, organisers of the influential and career-catapulting World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards will bestow the lofty title on an exceptional female chef whose cooking “excites the toughest critics”. [Read more…]

Dining Etiquette Around the World

How should you sit at the table? Where exactly should the knife and fork be placed when you’re finished eating? What are the big mistakes to avoid when dining in another country? [Read more…]

Pizza Toppings Around the World

Ever wondered how they top a pizza in Turkey or how they finish their crispy dough base in Argentina? [Read more…]

The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Pudding

Meet the world’s most expensive Christmas pudding costing $38,500. The decadent dessert is soaked in 200-year-old Cognac, comes with a gold coin and is topped with organic Ajwa dates and rare Mamra almonds from Iran. It is being prepared by Martin Chiffers, the former pastry chef of The Savoy Hotel London. [Read more…]

National Geographic name Zadar ….

The city of Zadar on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast was named one of the world’s most romantic cities by popular magazine National Geographic, in a list released to coincide with Valentine’s Day. [Read more…]

Easter around the world

The English word Easter, though it has come to designate a Christian holiday, actually takes its name from the pagan festival of Eostre, goddess of spring, and has roots deep in Anglo-Saxon mythology. Easter is also timed to coincide with the Jewish feast of Passover. It comes like a breath of spring, marking the return of the planting and lambing seasons. [Read more…]