Pink Day Zagreb

Festival će se održati u petak, 8.3. 2013. u Muzeju za umjetnost i obrt, a bit će u cijelosti posvećen vinu, ženama, ženskom zdravlju, kulturi (promocija knjige „Žene nikad ne stare“, I. Caputo, Planetopija), umjetnosti (izložba „Staklo, moje drugo tijelo“ G. Drinković) i ružičastim vinima i pjenušcima u suradnji s hrvatskim i inozemnim vinarima. [Read more…]

A dozen Japanese herbs and vegetables to grow

If you are planning a vegetable garden, or even a few pots on your windowsill, and want to introduce some Japanese flavors, here’s a list of some herbs and vegetables to consider growing, in order of importance and ease of growing in a temperate climate. [Read more…]

Diploma in super yacht operations

Download The Superyacht Operations brochure here (with application form) [Read more…]

Brunello Bruisers

Conscious that the Wine Supply season for yachts is creeping towards us, we thought it best to get some new wines lined up as possible contenders for our new 2013 “Core Wines”! For those of you not completely “au fait” with the way we work here at FWW, we try and source the wines a client actually wants wherever possible, rather than relying on massive warehouse stocks and trying to persuade the customer to take what we have a lot of. [Read more…]

PANINO GIUSTO: Italy’s Way of Making the Perfect Sandwich

The story of one of the world’s best sandwiches begins in the center of Milan, on a cold February day in 1979, when the first customer took a bite and uttered words that would prove to be prophetic: “If you keep making sandwiches like this, you’ll make a fortune.” [Read more…]

An Introduction to the wines at RAW

Some maintain that wine has never been better, cleaner, more consistent, or travelled so well as it does today. Equally, wine has never been made with so many pesticides, additives, preservatives and processes. [Read more…]

Masseto wine – The Vintages

The first wine produced and released from the Masseto vineyard was the 1986 vintage. It was simply called “Merlot“. The name of Masseto then appeared on the label with the 1987 vintage. [Read more…]

French rose with Hollywood label?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have partnered with renowned vintner to make wines on their $60-million French estate. And the couple is not just using their name to sell the rosé wine produced on their 1,200-acre French estate. [Read more…]

Boston Wine Festival 2013

The Boston Wine Festival kicks off in January and stretches through March. The event is held at the Boston Harbor Hotel, and is composed primarily of a series of sit-down dinners that focus on a single winemaker, but there are also dinners that focus on a varietal, a region, or a varietal and region. [Read more…]

Secret de Léoube

A mixture of schist and clay characterize Château Léoube soils. [Read more…]