Bluewater sells 88.8m superyacht Illusion with Fraser Yachts

Hot news as Jan-Jaap Minnema at Fraser Yachts tells me he’s closed on his listing for sale, the mighty 88.8 metre in-build Chinese motor yacht Illusion with bluewater in Antibes representing the buyer. [Read more…]

Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and that means it is time for us all to be getting our brunch recipes ready. Brunch combines all of the best things about both breakfast and lunch and wraps them into one amazing meal. [Read more…]

Adriatic Boat Show 2012 – spring date, new concept, newly built venue!

We proudly announce that 4th International Boat Show of Šibenik – Adriatic Boat Show will be held from May 17th – 20th 2012 in Mandalina Marina in Šibenik, Croatia organized by NCP – Nautical Center Prgin. [Read more…]

Antibes Yacht Show 2012

Antibes Yacht Show first opened its doors in April 2007 in response to a strong demand for a spring show in the region. It is dedicated to the brokerage and charter of larger yachts. Since 2011, a designated refit area has been added in the Bastion St Jaume, widening the appeal of theAntibesboat show. [Read more…]

Golden Olive Oil – Taste of Luxury

The Lesina olive grove is situated on the southern part of the Island of Hvar, near the village of Sveta Nedjelja. 130 ancient olive trees spread over a 1ha area that is surrounded by steep vineyards and the sea. The care of the grove is entrusted to highly trained individuals who dedicate their life to constant professional growth and education and come from families with a long tradition of olive growing. [Read more…]

International Gastronomy fair in Dijon

Dijon has a reputation for good food and wine and each year thousands of foodies flock to its International Gastronomy Fair. This year, Dijon will host its 81st Foire Internationale et Gastronomique de Dijon from November 1 – November 13. [Read more…]

Molecular Gastronomy – Raspberry ravioles

Molecular Gastronomy – Raspberry ravioles recipe. Watch the video and enjoy… :))) [Read more…]

Godello – Spanish white wine grape

Gary Vaynerchuk has been fascinated with the surging popularity of the Spanish white wine grape, Godello. He tastes two from Galicia in the Northwest part of the country to see if they can live up to the hype. [Read more…]

Chefs’ recipes: Cream of lamb’ s lettuce soup

Serve this dish as an appetiser, just before your starter, accompanied with small garlic croutons or, for a more refined approach, toast some pepper grains for 4 minutes in a hot oven (180°C), crush them and sprinkle over at the last minute. [Read more…]

Salt from Guérande: An authentic and natural salt

Twice a day, during the high tides, water from the open sea flows into the marshes… The salt worker opens a valve to give it access to the primary pond (“vasière”)… Then, the sun, the wind, and the salt worker’s expertise evaporate the water until the salt finally crystallises in the crystallisation ponds (“oeillets”). [Read more…]