Taste Your Music

In what at first seems appear to be a joke video, a bunch of design students from Sweden have created Beatballs, a Roald Dahl looking machine that springs into action at the click of a button and actually cooks music – music inspired meatballs to be precise.

The absurd offering is from The Interactive Art Director Program at Hyper Island in Stockholm. They’ve created an algorithm that scans music and attributes a number of different music factors to different ingredients.

This infographic shows the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. As you can see, everything from tempo, key to mood and time signature somehow contribute to the overall recipe offered by the software.

Apart from being lots of fun to play with, the team actually have ambitions to build the Beatballizer – a machine that will create a Beatball just by pressing play on your phone.

Sound crazy? It is, but the team have already raised $9,000 and still have 30 days to go on their Kickstarter campaign. They’re looking go raise $350,000 to fund the project.

Taste Your Music

Take a look at the video here: