Tender of the Month: The Kormaran, a new class of boat

In addition to the common classes of boats, monohull, catamaran and trimaran, the vision of a new class of boat emerges on the horizon, the Kormaran, with a design that aims to connect the world of luxury yachts with the world of super sports cars.

Among the many unique features incorporated into the Kormaran, the boat can transform even when driving, and elegantly combines the agility of a monohull for quick manoeuvres with the stability of a catamaran or trimaran.

The boat also includes the ability to transform into a large bathing platform, a luxury incomparable to many of tender designs currently available. The large sunbathing island as well as its multifunctional light design and the extraordinary wingdoors will ensure every guest is satisfied when on board their new tender.

The completely new designed hydrofoils allow the Kormaran the ability to drive even in shallow waters, as well as being able to land on shore. The use of hydrofoils means that water resistance can be reduced by up to 80%, resulting in higher speeds with lower energy consumption and a much more comfortable ride thanks to the decoupling of the waves.

The innovative technology means that the hydrofoils have been designed to be retractable for advanced usability. With the impressive speed records of Hydroptère and the exciting series in the America’s Cup, hydrofoils are extremely popular in water sports, with obvious advantages.

The Kormaran is fully constructed from carbon fibre, including a carbon fibre monocoque, and she features FEM and CFD analysis. Carbon fibre with automotive standards and integrated formula 1 technology coupled with lightweight aircraft technology and the latest security features make the Kormaran a high-tech watercraft of the highest quality.

The business behind the new tender is Kormaran. The Austrian company was founded in 2010, and the new tender is an actual research project that is officially approved by the government. The innovative technology behind the transformation and hydrofoils on the new tender has been patented, and the total project investment exceeds € 10,000,000.

Kormaran is proud of having worldwide leading technology partners on board and is a world wide registered trademark. The launch of their new tender positions the company as a premium brand in the industry and with the bold company slogan of ‘The new dimension of watercrafts’, Kormaran is certainly ready to be a powerful competitor in the industry.

Tender of the Month

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