Terre Exotique World salts

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Diamond salt

The history of diamond salt began 200 million years ago. The Himalayan Mountains were born in a collision of the Indo-Australian and Eurasian plates that closed the Tethys Ocean separating them.

The slow evaporation of this ocean water left behind these rose salt crystals, rich in minerals and trace elements.

Fleur de sel

Choose between salt s with five creole blend of spices, with coriander, truffled, with green tea, with zest lime, and many more.

Salts from the world

Red Alae salt, Hawaii, Halen Mon flakes, Anglesey island, Chardonnay salt, Sea salt Saffron flakes Cyprus, Halen Mon smoked flakes Anglesey island, Black salt, Maras salt Peru, Miroir Salt Bolivia, Red salt, Persian blue salt, Salish smoked salt, etc

Salt pearls

West of Djibouti, Lake Assal, the saltiest lake in the world, is the lowest and hottest point on the African continent. Salt pearls are naturally sculpted by the water and the wind. The waves of surf on the salt fields produce the “snowball” effect. This salt is pure and completely edible.

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