The $200,000 Christmas Dinner

Entertaining for the holidays can get costly, but spending over $200,000 on Christmas dinner is a luxury few can afford.

It turns out the world’s most expensive Christmas dinner menu was prepared in 2012 by London chef Ben Spalding,  according to The Telegraph.

Spalding’s gourmet dinner included a £37,000 bottle of 1907 Piper-Heidsieck champagne,  a whole Alba white truffle valued at £3,500, £5,000 worth of Almas Caviar and a 150-year old balsamic that cost £1,030.

The final price for the extravagant Christmas dinner for four was £125,000, which is today’s equivalent of $204, 250. This handy infographic from Gourmandia depicts all of the ingredients used by chef Spalding, check it out here

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