The $225 Glow-In-The-Dark Ice Cream

If you have $225 to spare, British ice cream maker Charlie Francis has a treat for your senses. He’s invented a glow-in-the-dark ice cream that literally glows with every lick.

How has he done it? He uses special proteins from jellyfish that glow when they come into contact with human saliva. The technology to extract those proteins is ”insanely expensive” and is what what makes his ice cream ”more expensive than gold,” according to Francis.

The glow-in-the-dark ice cream is sold online through his company Lick Me I’m Delicious. Is it safe to eat?  ”Well I tried some and I don’t seem to be glowing anywhere, so we’ll go with a yes for now,” Francis wrote in his blog.

Licking ice cream made of jellyfish may not seem appealing to many so Francis also created the glow-in-the-dark gin tonic sorbet (pictured below). The sorbet glows under UV-light due to the quinine in the tonic water. So far, he hasn’t revealed the price of the glow-in-the-dark sorbet.

Francis’ latest project involves making invisible ice cream and he’s asking any scientists or magicians who think they can help to get in touch with him.

Would you try glow-in-the-dark jellyfish ice cream? For a tasty and cheap alternative, we recommend glow-in-the-dark jelly.

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The $225 Glow-In-The-Dark Ice Cream