The $25,000 bottle of rum – also known as the rum and broke

When it comes to Legacy, a new rum from Angostura (the same Trinidadian brand behind the beloved bitters), you’ll probably want to forgo the mixing. That’s because this is a rum intended to stand on its own. And it has that stand-alone price of $25,000. To put that into perspective, you could buy around 1,500 bottles of the base-level version of Bacardi, one of the world’s most popular rum brands, for that figure.

Naturally, Legacy isn’t intended to be an everyday rum. Not only is it billed as the world’s most expensive, it’s also hailed by Angostura master distiller John Georges as rum’s ideal. “We set out to create the greatest sipping rum ever produced, and we believe we have achieved something that is both unique and unequaled,” he says. It’s also a limited-edition rum: Just 20 bottles have been produced for world-wide distribution, and a brand spokeswoman says that several have already been purchased.

But enough of the hype. What’s actually in the bottle? The brand describes Legacy as a blend of seven “rare and precious rums,” each aged a minimum of 17 years and selected from Angostura’s reserves of more than 80,000 casks. All that time and attention to detail is intended to yield a rum of considerable depth, with a nose of “bruised tropical fruit with some floral notes” (followed by “distinct notes of vanilla, honey and clove” and later, “strong oak with hints of roasted coffee”) and a taste of “sweet, dried fruit” and “nutty and spicy” flavors, the brand says. Oh, and don’t forget the “long” finish with “trailing flavors of orange zest and oak.” But just as important, says master distiller John Georges, is Legacy’s mouth feel. “There’s almost a hint of a syrupy note,” he says. But this is a delicate sort of syrupiness. “It doesn’t cloy,” adds Georges.

As might be expected, you can’t put a $25,000 rum in the same bottle as a $15 one. Legacy comes in a crystal decanter “inspired by an original 1930s Art Deco” design and specially created by Asprey, a British jeweler and luxury goods house that’s been around since 1781. The final touches include a sterling silver topper and a handmade wooden case that’s lined with silk and velvet and covered with soft leather.

Of course, if you’re still determined to try Legacy but don’t have $25,000 to spare, there is one slightly cheaper option. At London’s Playboy Club, you can buy a shot of Legacy — for $6,000.

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