The App That Pairs Cheese and Wine

Want to pair cheese and wine like a pro? Check out a new app developed by the talented folks at VinePair (who we are big bans of). Their fun app pairs a over a dozen cheeses with their enological counterpart.

You’ll find favorites like blue cheese, Camembert and Manchego, as well as fresh goat’s cheese and aged Cheddar. To come up with a magical pairing all you do is select the cheese you intend to eat and whether or not you’ll be drinking red or white wine.

The App That Pairs Cheese and Wine

For instance, the app recommends a pinot noir with Brie because it won’t “overwhelm” the delicate flavor of the cheese. Eating feta, instead? Go for a glass of gamay or sauvignon blanc which balance the salinity of this famed Greek cheese.

Not sure what cheese you’ll be eating? There’s also a helpful tab for Any Cheese that yields some sound advice. Go try out the app and let us know how you like it.

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