The Best Apples for Cooking, Baking & Beyond

Wondering which apples to eat as snacks and which to save for baking or preserving? Here, we cover the best uses for some of the most popular varieties. Read on!

1. Cortland

Crimson in color with a sweet flavor and crisp texture.

Best for: applesauce & apple butter

2. Red Delicious

Softer in texture with a mellow, not-too-sweet flavor.

Best for: apple cider

3. Braeburn

Reddish-orange with green and yellow streaks and a unique sweet-tart flavor.

Best for: cooking & baking

4. Gravenstein

A juicy apple with a finely-grained texture and a light yellow or red skin.

Best for: applesauce & apple cider

5. Gala

Sweet, aromatic and crisp with a light-red color.

Best for: eating raw & applesauce

6. Fuji

Crisp texture and dense flesh with a sugary-sweet flavor.

Best for: eating raw

7. Pink Lady

Crisp in texture and bright pink with a tart-sweet flavor.

Best for: eating raw

8. Golden Delicious

Very sweet to the taste with a golden yellow color.

Best for: applesauce & apple butter

9. Granny Smith

Very tart and crisp with a bright green color.

Best for: baking

The Best Apples for Cooking Baking  Beyond

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