The Cake of Rab – traditional delicacy from the island of Rab

Arriving  with a ferry to the north-east part of the island of Rab, you will meet a completely barren and rugged landscape.

But once you enter the hearth of the island, you will understand why it is called the island of love and one of the greenest islands in Croatia. At the same moment you will remain fascinated by the beauty of the landscape and wish to become a part of this fairytale… Memories you will take with you will be remembered forever, and as the best souvenir that will bring your love ones a part of the magic and for you ensure that the memories persist as long as possible, we recommend the Rab Cake! Aromas and flavours of Adriatic and centuries old art of making with every delicious bite will bring you the Mediterranean spirit, tradition and history of the island of Rab.

According to the tradition, the Rab Cake was first served  back in 1177. to Pope Alexander III. On the occasion of the blessing of the Cathedral of the Assumption. But it is sure that the Cake of Rab was made as a specialty during the reign of the Venetians in the homes of wealthy Rab patriarchs, more than three hundred years ago. It was served at the time of the most solemn holidays, and it had a roundish snail form or  baked in special moulds. Many marvel when they see it the first time, because it has no specific form of cakes.


The nuns from the Convent of St. Anthony and the Benedictine Monastery of St. Andrew saved it from oblivion.

Only a few women from Rab knew the original secret recipe with all the details needed to make it, and they grudgingly passed it on. Today it is also only known to a few of old grannies that make it for a special occasions such as weddings, christenings, etc. Once reserved only for notables and rich citizens, today it is made in Rab’s families traditionaly, although each family with its recipe, but adhering to the basic traditional ingredients. The classic recipe in grams for this superb dessert doesn’t exist. Centuries old secret was revealed only recently , in order to provide all the lovers of good desserts the pleasure of enjoyment in this cake.

The quality production requiers much more than just recipe, such as experience and patience, since the entire creation process takes several days.

If you want to try to make it by yourself,  we bring you the traditional recipe from Rab families, so… good luck!

Read the recipe HERE