The Cool Gadget That Fetches You A Drink

It’s a hot summer day and you’re enjoying a dip in the pool. The last thing you want to do is get out but you are craving a drink. You look around, there’s no one to fetch you a beer. In the end, you’re stuck. Right? Think again.

This handy remote controlled kitchen gadget will give you the freedom to enjoy your time outdoors. As long as you’ve got a free hand to man the controls you’ll be able to have your beverage of choice delivered to you. No shirt, no shoes, no worries.


We spotted this electtric amphibious vehicle at Frontgate, along with an inspiring review of its multiple functions:

”Whether your mission involves charging through the trails of your backyard or delivering drinks poolside, the Amphibious Vehicle has it covered. With a push of a button, it transforms from sea craft to rugged, 4-wheeled land vehicle. While in land mode, the wheel wells can be used to hold up to four beverage cans. Plus, an on-board water cannon can blast a stream of water at any target.”

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