The Food Drill For Serious Chefs

Is your hand mixer just not cutting it when it comes to heavy duty tasks? Would you be better off using a drill to mix your next cake? No worries, the Twirl is here to ease your culinary frustrations.

Designed to look like an ordinary drill, the Twirl is essentially a food drill that can easily go from creaming to kneading with just a click of a button. Its ergonomic design releases stress on the wrists so you can beat egg whites to stiff peaks without discomfort.

This cool kitchen tool has eight settings and can perform almost any task traditionally reserved for standing mixers such as folding, kneading, mixing, creaming, beating, whipping and aerating.

To make the Twirl an even sweeter deal, Tel-Aviv based designer Boaz Zemer made the settings dial look like a chocolate bar. Here’s a piece of machinery that would make any cook smile.

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