The Foodie Bugle at La Fromagerie

We are delighted to welcome The Foodie Bugle to La Fromagerie for an evening co-hosted with Silvana de Soissons.

The Foodie Bugle is a collaborative online and print magazine dedicated to the sourcing, preparation and enjoyment of good food and drink, sustainably grown by farmers, produced by skilled artisans and sold by quality purveyors. They tell the whole story of simple, frugal, seasonal food and drink from farm to fork, from soil to shop, from orchard to glass, championing small, rural producers and their heritage as well as the restaurants, hotels and shops they supply.

Their contributors are both published and aspiring food and drink writers, reviewers, bloggers, chefs, cooks and food lovers from all over the world. The magazine provides a collective platform of excellence for both established and new voices in food and drink writing, blowing the bugle of flavour, talent and hard work in every sector of this growing industry. We promote education and understanding in a subject that unites all of mankind, leaving aside the cult of celebrity, aspirational advertising and passing fads.

For this evening they are organising a Foodie Bugle Lecture. The lecture is an opportunity to bring together food and drink artisans, entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers and food lovers, to share experience, knowledge and wisdom over speeches, conversation and a simple supper with wine. The speakers will talk about how they set up their business or activity, how they managed to create their brand and identity, find their suppliers, readers or market and generate a loyal customer base. If they knew then what they know now, what would they do differently and why? What advice would they give to young artisans, writers and cooks aspiring to work in the food and drink industry?

There will be no technology and no power point presentations: just straight talk, from the mind and the heart.

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