The Gadget to Pour Wine Without Removing The Cork

Enjoying a great glass of wine is one of life’s simple pleasures, but what if enjoying just one glass is all you’re really after? Often, wine is consumed by the bottle as removing the cork allows oxygen to touch the liquid and over time, this oxygen invasion, makes that fruity red taste a lot like vinegar – bad vinegar.

There are a number of wine saving devices that aim to suck oxygen back out of opened bottles, allowing people to reseal their haul and save it for longer. However, these are not always so effective and for wine lover Greg Lambrecht, they’re certainly not the ultimate solution.

In search of a perfect way to solve, what I will call, the ‘entire bottle conundrum’,  Lambrecht developed the rather catchy sounding, wait for it, Coravin™ Wine Access Technology. A pressurized gadget that sits on the top of a wine bottle allowing people to pour a drink directly into their glass without ever removing the cork.


The appliance of science? The Coravin™ Wine Access Technology, CWAT for short, works by first inserting a thin hollow needle directly into the cork. The gadget on top of the bottle then pressurizes the wine using a gas called Argon – this is the clever part that took Lambrecht ten years to develop – it’s this pressurization inside the bottle that allows people to pour their wine without ever removing the cork.

Lambrecht touts a number of benefits offered by the system. First being the fact that once the needle is removed from the cork it will reseal itself, and because the system never allows oxygen to penetrate the cork’s seal, the wine can be kept for months. Lambrecht says this offers people the chance to sample glasses of their favorite bottles and from the video below, it really does seem to answer the age old ‘entire bottle conundrum’.

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