The Game Changing Coffee Machine

You may think you’re enjoying a fresh coffee when you sit down for a brew in the morning but this video from a new Kickstarter campaign explains how the coffee we often perceive as fresh can actually be up to 6 months old.

Called the Bonaverde Coffee Changers, the company have developed a home coffee machine that can roast, blend and brew coffee in one place with the aim of allowing people to buy coffee beans directly from farmers and change the entire supply chain that is currently in place.

Customers will be able to speak directly with coffee farmers through an online portal, seeing exactly where their beans are coming from before placing orders.

On top of allowing farmers to deal directly with their consumers, the team behind the project say the machine makes a superior brew because it actually roasts a small selection of green beens whenever someone wants a coffee.

The idea has gained some serious momentum on Kickstarter with crowd funding so far raising $171,029 of an intended $135,000 goal and there’s still 25 days left to invest.

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