The GoSun Grill: A Solar Powered Appliance That Grills, Bakes and Roasts

Grilling has reached a new frontier thanks to the GoSun Grill. This solar-powered appliance has the capacity to grill, bake, roast and boil all thanks to a special thermal battery that works even when it’s cloudy or nighttime.

Unlike conventional grills which can be hard to transport and require fuel or coal, the GoSun Grill is lightweight and can easily be taken anywhere – from your deck or neighbor’s backyard to a boat, beach or park. It also stays cool to the touch even when reaching cooking temperatures of 300-400 F (149-204 C).

The Go Sun Grill is powered by a thermal battery that requires just two hours of sunlight. Users can cook a meal for up to eight people and cleanup is a cinch since there is no soot involved. This is one cooking appliance that is definitely a game-changer.

Patrick Sherwin, the founder and inventor of the Go Sun Grill, is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter. As of the writing of this post the company surpassed it’s $140,000 goal by nearly twice as much.

The GoSun Grill

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