The Macallan M Scotch Whisky released at $4,500 a bottle

MacallanM2The Macallan M, a rare, limited-edition bottle of single malt Scotch has been launched in the United States. To get a bottle of The Macallan M you’ll need to fork over $4,500.

The bottle is a collaboration of designer Fabien Baron, Lalique crystal, and Macallan, with Baron designing the whisky’s stunning crystal decanter. Each bottle is numbered and presented in a specially designed case. Only 1,750 decanters are to be released this year.

If you don’t fancy ponying up $4,500 for The Macallan M, you can always find it in a high-end whisky bar or restaurant where a 2-ounce pour will cost you about $300.

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Macallan M Scotch Whisky