The Man Who’s Eaten at Every 3 Michelin Starred Restaurant in The World

Andy Hayler runs the blog Andy Hayler’s Restaurant Guide and is a formidable force in the dining industry. He’s always on hand on twitter to offer suggestions for great restaurants to visit and holds claim to being the only person in the world to dine at every 3-Michelin starred restaurant.

He writes about his experiences on his website and what he says started as a hobby has now become a full time occupation. He pays for all the meals himself and eats out between three and six times a week – Hayler basically lives the dream life of many FDL readers.

It’s because of this expansive travels and experience dining Michelin that Bussiness Insider have sat down with Andy to discuss his frequent trips, asking him for his favorite places to dine around the world, his opinions on the best three starred restaurants (he cites Alinea as one) and his views on Michelin and how its grading system differs from country to country.

Speaking about his all time favorite restaurants, Hayler says: “There’s one which unfortunately you can’t go to anymore, but it was probably the best one ever. I don’t think I’ve ever had better food than I had at Jamin in Paris. When Joël Robuchon was cooking, he was commonly regarded as one of the best chefs in the world, and I think no one could really argue with it.”

You can read the full interview with Andy Hayler on Business Insider. Below you’ll find a selection of dishes from his website.

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