The Molecular Gastronomy Gadget You Need ASAP

Now that molecular gastronomy has been around for a while gadgets are popping up to make old school manual techniques like spherification a breeze.

molecular-gadgetIt used to be that chefs like the great Ferran Adrià, who popularized olive oil caviar at elBulli, had to use a syringe to drop a solution of food and alginate into a calcium chloride bath. This process is what creates a skin around a liquid center.

The problem with using a syringe is that not every sphere will be of the same shape and size. Enter the Braun Capsul8 and that problem is solved.

This gadget aims to make spherification ”as easy as brewing coffee.” Its special tower-like design allows droplets to have time to form into spheres of consistent sizes before being released.

The Capsul8 is the brainchild of industrial designer Jake Bjeldanes. If you are a fan of molecular gastronomy, you may want to invest in this equipment.

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