The Only Popcorn Machine You’ll Ever Need

Behold the Popcorn Monsoon, a playful popcorn maker that will soon become your favorite kitchen appliance. Its quirky design appeals to both children and adults and makes movie night that much more fun.

Aside form looking cooler than traditional popcorn makers this nifty machine is fun to operate. The corn kernels are added to the Popcorn Monsoon through a small opening on the side which is then covered by a cork. The machine is turned on and soon you’ll see popcorn flying down the curved glass chute.

Designer Jolene Carlier, who was determined to spruce up the popcorn making process, says she found inspiration for her design from this Willy Wonka quote: “Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.”

The Only Popcorn Machine You'll Ever Need

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