The Only Spring Roll Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Spring rolls are one of those foods usually relegated to take out. But why? They are not hard to make at all. What may be difficult is finding the right spring roll recipe – until now.

Here’s our super simple yet ridiculously delicious spring roll recipe (pictured above). You’ll need a total of nine ingredients (mainly veggies and glass noodles) and about a half hour of prep time (or less if you are a fast chopper). After that, it’s time to wrap, roll and fry!

What’s great about this recipe is it also happens to be vegan. So now you’ve got a delicious snack that everyone at your Super Bowl party or Chinese New Year soiree can enjoy. Of course, these spring rolls are easily adaptable to other ingredients so you can experiment with different varieties once you master the technique.

Read the recipe here

The Only Spring Roll Recipe You'll Ever Need