The Seabreacher Has Supercar Power To Weight, Looks Like A Dolphin

Now, this would be the equivalent of an aquatic sports car. The Seabreacher, built by Innespace Productions in Redding, California, skims across the surface of the water and it can even go underneath for short periods of time.

Each one is hand built and it can be altered as it’s being built as per the customer’s input. Apparently, they’ve now shipped over 100 units since its introduction in 2013 – the entry level one starts at around $80,000, but it does go up into six figures.

Engines are high-powered and purpose-built for nautical uses. The most powerful one they can install has 300 hp, which would put it nearly on par with a Caterham R500, as it weighs just 612 kg or 1,349 lbs.

What’s especially neat about it is the fact that you can’t really crash it. It’s built to take being tossed in any direction and bearing the brunt of water impact no matter how it lands.

The only real flaw I see in the overall concept is the use of conventional gasoline engine that need air. Were they to fit this with an electric motor and batteries, it could stay submerged for far longer, thus making it more capable and useful.

That vertical shark-like fin would also actually be used under water (for stability) as it doesn’t really look like it’s doing anything sticking up in the air like that on current models. The seat could do with some damping (be mounted on actual shock absorbers) as it looks like it’s a pretty rough ride.

Even so, a very cool idea, the result of 15 years of privately-funded development and testing, so you kind of have to give them credit for the idea, even if there’s still room to improve it.

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