The Stylish BBQ Grill You’ll Need This Summer

Behold the Grillo, a sleek stainless steel portable grill designed to let you fire up in style. With this hip BBQ grill you are bound to give everyone around you grill envy as your steaks sizzle away.

The Grillo has a star-shaped grate supported by a tripod base that stays cool to the touch while a mesh fire hammock holds wood or coal. Much like camping chairs, the grill opens up like an umbrella and can be packed away in a slim case. Clean up is a breeze and all it requires is soap, water and a bit of scrubbing.

This ultra-modern BBQ grill was designed by formAxion, a design agency in Bolzano, Italy. It is currently in pre-production but stay tuned for updates on when it’s goes on sale.

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