The World’s Largest White Truffle Sells For $61,250.

As far as truffles go, this 4.16lbs specimen of rare white truffle from the Italian area of Alba takes the prize as grand daddy.

It’s reported to be the largest white truffle in the world and has just sold at Sotheby’s auction house for, wait for it, $61,250.

The huge truffle, which was bought by a telephone bidder in Taiwan, was found by the Sabatino Truffle company – one of the largest suppliers of white truffles in the world.

The white truffle season is very short, around 12 weeks, beginning in October and usually ending by November. However, many hunters – who use trained dogs to sniff out the pungent fungus – say that seasons are coming later and sometimes extending into January because of changes in the weather.

The family who own Sabatino Truffles say they will donate the cash to several charity organisations.

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The World's Largest White Truffle Sells For $61,250.

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