Thirsty Earth Launches in Paper Wine Bottles

Kingsland Wines has acquired the exclusive rights in the UK, Eire, Holland and Nordic countries to the new paper wine bottle called GreenBottle in which it is launching its own wine label Thirsty Earth.

The GreenBottle for wine consists of a fully recyclable or compostable paper casing. The same shape as a standard wine bottle, it contains a plastic neck piece and foiled plastic liner, comparable to those used in bag-in-box wines, a format that consumers – especially those in the Nordic countries – are familiar with.

The bottle has good insulating properties and offers a shelf-life to match that of a BiB. After use, the bottle can be easily separated so that the paper element can be disposed of separately to the plastic.

While GreenBottle will cost the same to producers as a standard glass wine bottle, the major advantage will be savings in transportation: a GreenBottle weighs 55 grams, compared to about 300-600 grams for a glass equivalent.

GreenBottle is also non-breakable and, the company estimates, has a carbon footprint of 10 percent of that of a glass wine bottle.

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