This Coffee Costs Over $500 a Cup

Just how much would you be willing to pay for a cup of coffee? $3, maybe $5, how about over $7? $10 coffee would probably seem a bit much for most people but it’s nothing compared to the price being asked by Bespoke Coffee who claim to have made the world’s finest and most exclusive coffee.

The company make two coffees and both are ridiculously priced. Ruby costs £10,000 a kilo, $100 a cup and, wait for it, Diamond – made using Peaberry, the world’s rarest coffee bean – costs $50,000 a kilo, a staggering $500 a cup.

The company say that at any point their customers can ask them to fly out, at the customer’s expense, to wherever they are in the world just to brew the coffee for you.

Richard Hardwick, co-founder of the company, claims it’s the caviar of coffee. Watch him discuss the coffee in the video below.

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