This Portable Food Gun is Smokin

Smoke and guns may sound like toys for the boys but this is one bonafide kitchen gadget you won’t need a licence for.

In fact it might even be the one coolest bits of kitchen kit you’ve been missing all this time to make your “kitchen and bar creations appealing and unique” says the producer’s website.

What is the Smoking Gun?

Developed by PolyScience, The Smoking Gun is a novel way of smoking food and drinks both quickly (in under five minutes) and simply. It’s is a relatively simple device to use with a holding cavity in which to stuff flavoured wood chips or spices which is then lit with the flavoured vapours being extruded from the end of a long pipe over your chosen food or drink.

In fact it is smoking at its coolest, quite literally. The smoke is discharged from the end of the pipe at room temperature meaning it won’t cook the food you intend to smoke but simply permeate it with the intended flavour. Anything from meringues to salads and fruit can be smoked so the experts say.

How do you use the Smoking Gun?

For added wow factor use the smoke for presentation purposes. Pipe in some smoke under a glass domed lid over your chosen dish alla Heston Blumenthal and serve at the table to delighted guests.

Or use directly in the kitchen by piping in the smoke directly under a lid or plastic film onto the dish taking less than 5 minutes to absorb smoky flavours into the most delicate of dishes.

Alternatively simply let you imagination run wild. There are a variety of combustibles available from flowers to spices and hickory chips suiting everything from fish to pork and cocktails. Try out your own combinations and create your own signature dishes.

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