Toma Maccagno cheese

The “Maccagno” is a half-cooked cheese, produced with whole cow’s milk, its paste is dense and it ranges from a white to a straw-colour. It has a delicate flavour that preserve the aroma of aromatic herbs contained in the pastures of production.

Maccagno cheese with raw milk. The way this cheese is made using uncooked milk gives it the typical taste and smell of the aromatic herbs found in our mountain pastures.

The “Maccagno”cheese is produced in the region of Piedmont, in the “Valsesia” and in the valleys of Biella. Its name comes from the dialect word, “macagn”, used in the past as a name for a mountain of the Valsesia at the border between the Alps of Biella and of Aosta Valley.

It is a n excellent and tasty table cheese, used in the area of “Vercelli” as an ingredient for some local recipes, such as the “riso in cagnum”, that is basically boiled rice mixed with Maccagno cheese and sauté butter.

It is conserved in the fridge, in the less cool part, wrapped up in aluminium paper.